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Urban, I am pretty sure that everyone ever heard this word, If we search in the dictionary,what is urban,it will show “anything regarding to city development”. Now, I think that a city must be an ideal place for human settlement. I believe that there are some stakeholders about this issue,from the government,the ministry of public works and housing ,and also the citizens,involve youth. Look around,is our city already ideal for all layers of society ?. I believe that government already gave their best efforts to make the city become develop and comfortable for everyone.

According to Jane Jacobs, the famous urban writer and activist wrote, “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.” The idea of “The Good City” will be based on the concepts of livable cities and urban planning. Participants will contribute with their visions about urban spaces, housing, economy, ecology and environment, social equity and participation, sustainability, mobility, energy, water or food security.

City and Urbanization are two things that can’t be separated. City has a special attractions for people to live in. People’s hope that they can live better in city. Now is the city alraedy prepared to the urbanization?. There are so many aspects that city must be improve to receive the urbanization. They are :

BuildingsBuildings are the most pronounced elements of urban design – they shape and articulate space by forming the streetwalls of the city.   Well designed buildings and groups of buildings work together to create a sense of place.


Public Space


Great public spaces are the living room of the city – the place where people come together to enjoy the city and each other.   Public spaces make high quality life in the city possible – they form the stage and backdrop to the drama of life.   Public spaces range from grand central plazas and squares, to small, local neighborhood parks.



Streets are the connections between spaces and places, as well as being spaces themselves. They are defined by their physical dimension and character as well as the size, scale, and character of the buildings that line them. Streets range from grand avenues such as the Champs-Elysees in Paris to small, intimate pedestrian streets. The pattern of the street network is part of what defines a city and what makes each city unique.



Transport systems connect the parts of cities and help shape them, and enable movement throughout the city. They include road, rail, bicycle, and pedestrian networks, and together form the total movement system of a city. The balance of these various transport systems is what helps define the quality and character of cities, and makes them either friendly or hostile to pedestrians. The best cities are the ones that elevate the experience of the pedestrian while minimizing the dominance of the private automobile.



The landscape is the green part of the city that weaves throughout – in the form of urban parks, street trees, plants, flowers, and water in many forms. The landscape helps define the character and beauty of a city and creates soft, contrasting spaces and elements. Green spaces in cities range from grand parks such as Central Park in New York City and the Washington DC Mall, to small intimate pocket parks.




A good city provide about urban spaces, housing, economy, ecology and environment, social equity and participation, sustainability, mobility, energy, water or food security. A good management of a city is showing the development of an urban life. Actually, every aspect of a good cuty is related to one another. Such as the mobility related to the transportation. Transportation need energy. People live in a house which is related to the environment too.


One thing that I concern about the environment is the waste management. When a city have a long term plan about the waste management, that city is free from the problem of health,economy,and other aspects. Why? Because waste management provides solutions of the impact of the waste itself,because as we know organic waste can cause bactery,it will arround us and cause desease. Economy aspect,if we can manage waste well,with a great system and suistainable,it will give a bigger impact to the society,they will get money for their better life,and also reduce the number of waste,so that the environment will be a better place for people to live.



The stakeholders make sure that those elements are already provided well by the city for the people. City provide what the people need to support the development of the city as well.

Let me give the example of my city,Medan.

We have a quite crowd people. Medan with 26.510 hektare (265,10 km²) wide and th epeople in 2012 was 2.122.804.(Source: Wikipedia) ,I believe that it alreday increase,but Medan is a little bit better in Traffic jam. We can at least late for fifteen of thirty minutes late,and still the transportation is not really good,there must be an improvement. In medan we call it as angkot as the easiest vehicle to ride on. You know, angkot and pedicap are two things that make the traffic become traffic jam. They stop in random place,they take and discharge passenger whereever they want. I have some solutions for this problem. They are:

1.Make a special roadline for angkot and make the halte as well,so that they won’t take and discharge passanger whereever they want.

2.Make the schedule,in the morning and evening are the most crowded situations,because most people in the city are on the road to go somewhere. The public transportation may operate at those time and prohibit people to ride their own vehicle,especially car.

3. I believe that there are some people want to walk to the place they want to go,ven it’s far or not, government also can provide a roadline for the pedestrian and make sure the road is save for them.Let’s make the road for people not for machine.

Talk about the city development,There are several things that I want to elaborate.Medan has a special area taht most of them are heritage,the name is Kesawan road. At that street,we have Tjong Afie mansion,Lonsum,Merdeka Walk,Avros,Inna dharma Deli Hotel,also Post Office. I believe that they are the precious building that Medan has and as the touris places for domestic and International tourist. But,the condition right now is not that good. For Tjong A fie there is the generation who take care of the mansion,but for other buidings,no. So,we need more participation of the people to take care of those buildning,and also know the history behind it.

We do hope that people will realize how important the identity of their city. I join in one of a community in Medan called Medan Heritage,and I learn alot from it.We also have some program for preservation of the heritage,such as Heritage Class,Picnic Heritage,Raun-Raun Heritage and now recently we want to release Medan Heritage Goes to School. A little thing we do can contagious other young people to join with us.

Park,talk about park, I asked an architect,Medan only has 5 percents of Citypark,ideally, a city must have 25-30 percents of park. So there still a gap,and that must be improve. The number of skycrapper gain in Medan. But the citypark?Not yet. W e need drainage place,so that when the rain falls,water know where they suppose to be flow,and not become flood. A citypark also has another role in society, citypark can be an education place for the people especially for the children,they will get knowledge that they dont receive in school. You know,Outdoor activity.The attractive and good branding of a citypark is the best palce for people to spent thier leisure time,rather than go to mall.

For me,city is a home. You must take care of it,so that you can live happily there. The idea of home sweet home is our city. Governmrnt do their best,but we as the people can do something for our city,we must be obey what the government’s policy,if we have something to tell, like suggestions or critics,the government also can provide the portal,so that governments involving people’s aspiration for the development of the city.

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